Following on from our work on the Ethical Business Toolkit we came across the work of ReGenerate, which is investigating how the growth of the ecosystem for purpose-driven business can be accelerated, making it easier to start, grow and lead a business doing good.

It has created a map to help purpose-driven businesses to navigate the supporting infrastructure. With kind permission we are publishing part of the original article about the purpose-driven business ecosystem map as it is aligned with NIBE’s objectives and adds to the usefulness of the toolkit.

The orginal article can be found here.

Starting a purpose-driven business, or embedding purpose into an existing business, can be a challenge. Whether seeking aligned funding, innovating, or measuring impact, knowing where to look for support can be hard.

More and more founders are starting companies that intend to benefit the world, and more and more established businesses are talking and acting seriously about climate change and on their responsibilities towards society. Encouragingly, the supporting ecosystem of those who help such businesses is growing.

A Map of the Ecosystem

We created the purpose-driven business ECOSYSTEM MAP info-graphic to provide a top-down view of organisations and other actors that are involved in helping purpose-driven businesses to thrive and be successful, as well as those who are helping businesses transition. This can be useful to provide a general view of who we see as collaborators operating in various categories.

We have also published the DIRECTORY as an open data source (Google Sheets) that contains summary information about each organisation, including contact information, addresses and social media links, where they are available. We have attached the taxonomy of the table in case to help anyone that wants to create any data-driven products from this resource.

ReGenerate endeavours to keep this information updated as regularly as possible.