NIBE is proposing a series of interactive workshops to develop a set of tools to be able to test the ethical values of a company. Due to COVID-19 these will start out as online events.

The aim is to have 3 workshops plus a final presentation event. Current dates for the workshops are June 23, July 21 and September 15 with a presentation on World Ethics Day on October 21 2020.

Each workshop will comprise 10 -20 attendees from existing ‘ethical’ businesses, businesses trying to be ethical, academics and NIBE.

Workshop 1 – Framing the issue

  • Explanation of what we are trying to do.
  • What do we mean by ethical?
  • How do businesses judge this?
  • How do the public judge this, what do they look for?
  • Do they care?
  • Survey and information gathering

Workshop 2 – Interpreting the information

  • What have we found out?
  • How can this be defined and measured?
  • Tool set suggestions
  • What is practical
  • Write up and definition of tool set

Workshop 3 – Testing the tools

  • Desktop exercise to test the tools
  • Business test
  • Public test
  • Amend / pivot ideas
  • Validate results
  • Document

Final presentation

  • Wider ‘open’ event
  • Describe: Issue; Approach; Outcomes
  • Launch tool set

If you are interested in being part of these workshop then please get in touch via the contact box below.