Carnegie Council’s seventh Global Ethics Day takes place this Wednesday 21st October and I’m delighted that the partnership activity organised by Northumbria University/Newcastle Business School and the North East Initiative on Business Ethics has been included formally in published activities. Delighted for two reasons – firstly it gives recognition to the lead that Northumbria has taken on embedding the SDGS throughout its teaching and learning practice and secondly because of the word action in GED’s strapline.

Global Ethics Day sounds (and is) very big, but it’s the measurable, practical things that make a difference in the business community. In stark contrast to the growing problem of late payment that Simon Hanson from the FSB highlighted recently, there are a growing number of north east businesses that recognise that behaving responsibly is more than just ‘the right thing to do’. In this context I’m delighted to be involved in the business-led @Open North Foundation where business leaders have united in support of their peers who’ve been adversely affected by COVID 19.

Ethics in Action – this year’s Global Ethics Day theme – is particularly potent because there’s always the temptation to let standards slip when times are tough (and they don’t get much tougher than during a Global Pandemic). That’s why The North East Initiative on Business Ethics (NIBE), is hosting a special event to promote ethical business practice across the North East. We wanted to celebrate what’s good in the business community and hear what a range of leading North East companies are doing to bring ethical practice alive and not just talk about it, but demonstrate good practice in their operational activities. If you sign up to join you’ll hear how and why ethics and values are important to business leaders and how they manifest in their business activity. There will also be time for discussion. Ethical business and commercial profit motives are not mutually exclusive!

The virtual Ethics in Action event hosted on Zoom between 5pm – 6.30pm will bring together:
– Professor Ron Beadle, Northumbria University
– Yvonne Gale, CEO, NEL Fund Managers
– Hugh Welch, Senior Partner, Muckle LLP
– Kiz Crosbie, CEO, MortalFools
– Phil Jackman, Director, Guerilla Working
– Leanne Coatman, B2B Business Travel Sales Manager, Hays Travel
– John Duns, Co-owner and director North East Times
– Dai Hayward MBE, CEO, Micropore Technologies
– Patricia Alexander, CEO, Shared Interest

The celebration is free to attend, with lots of practical tips for attendees to take away. Ethics in Action will also be raising awareness of the ethical toolkit being developed by NIBE and business leaders to help make sense of what being an ethical business means in practice, and how to start the journey.

If you believe ethics and values are important please join the discussion. Please follow the registration link Ethics in Action – a north east celebration.