This year NIBE held an event to celebrate Global Ethics Day, 21 October, with colleagues from leading North East companies. Rather than our usual blog, this week we are posting the video from the event:

Anout the event

The North East Initiative on Business Ethics (NIBE), is promoting ethical business across the North East. Working with the business community, the five regional universities and secondary-schools we are raising awareness and spreading the message about the benefits of ethical business practice.

Join us on this year’s Global Ethics Day to celebrate with leading North East companies to hear what they are doing to develop and promote ethical business.

NIBE will also be announcing its Business Ethics Toolkit, our online toolkit to support businesses that are interested in ethics, being more ethical and are eager to get going.

Hear from:

Caroline Theobald

Professor Ron Beadle, Northumbria University

Yvonne Gale, CEO, NEL Fund Managers

Hugh Welch, Senior Partner, Muckle LLP

Kiz Crosbie, CEO, MortalFools

Phil Jackman, Director, Guerilla Working

John Duns, Co-owner and director North East Times Client Relationships

Dai Hayward MBE, CEO, Micropore Technologies

Patricia Alexander, CEO, Shared Interest

Leanne Coatmann, Business Travel Manager, Hays Travel