I am delighted to invite you to a one-day online conference ‘Faith and Business’, which Northumbria University will be hosting on May 25 th. You can join us for the whole day or just for one or more 40 minute talks (plus Q and A) on particular subjects.

As you might know, Northumbria has been ranked in the top 50 universities in the world for business ethics research and in recent years a number of colleagues have been researching what happens when business and religion mix. This conference is founded on that work and most speakers are from Northumbria.

Our guests are Professor Hussein Abdou, from the University of Central Lancashire who will be discussing his research on Islamic ethics in the context of the huge growth in Muslim led Fintech companies, Dr Garrett Potts from the University of South Florida will join Northumbria research student Sally Wightman in discussing the idea of ‘calling’ in the Christian tradition and our keynote speaker, theologian Revd Dr Andy Hartropp, will discuss lessons from his book ‘God’s Good Economy: Doing Economic Justice in Today’s World’.

Northumbria’s speakers are Dr Sanjay Bhowmick, looking at lessons from ancient Indian scriptures about the path to sat chit anand (pure existence, consciousness and bliss), Dr Nic Burton who will be showing how the Quaker practice of discernment helps businesses improve their learning, Dr Nadia Singh will discuss her research into how the Sikh faith is influencing community environmental initiatives in India, Dr Angus Robson will discuss how his research demonstrated the influence of Presbyterianism on banking in Scotland and Dr Mai Vu will discuss how the secular understanding of mindfulness stands up to its original Buddhist meaning.

We hope that you may be able to join us for what promised to be a fascinating day.

Look out for tickets through our events page.