6th July 2022 @ 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Holiday Inn
The Media, Cryptocurrency & NFTs: All hype or rich rewards? @ Holiday Inn

Cryptocurrency and NFTs are relatively new on the scene and a hot topic, but what are they? How do they work? Are they a future ready investment opportunity for individuals and business? Or a flash in the pan? Or a fallacy entirely hyped up by the media?

The media regularly champions cryptocurrency and NFTs as an exciting investment prospect and financial influencers on Tik Tok & Instagram, on TV and newspapers celebrate them as an opportunity to get rich quick. But their newness, the lack of understanding of what they are, how best to utilise them and the over reliance on “financial experts” (both official, self-proclaimed and fraudulent) means that in reality they can be risky and a hot bed of financial scammers.

Across this one-off event, join NIBE to explore what cryptocurrency and NFTs are, how folks are using them, the media’s role in their popularity and their responsibility to educate and regulate advice giving and selling on their platforms. During the evening, we will use the live case study of what is happening with cryptocurrency, NFTs and financial scamming, to debate and explore the role of the media more generally.

This event is perfect for those curious about cryptocurrency, NFTs, ethics of financial sector and advice and the role of the media. Expect lively discussions, networking, debate and opportunity to learn something new over food and good chat.

It’s free to attend but pre-bookable. If you are no longer able to attend the event, please cancel your ticket or get in touch with event organisers.

This event is a collaboration between NIBE – promoting ethical business across the North-East and Robson / Laidler an award-winning accountancy, business advisory and wealth management firm.

Event speakers include:

Liam Crowe – Client Manager at Robson Laidler Accountants and director at NIBE. Liam will be sharing his knowledge of and insights into the world of cryptocurrency and NFTs, with the aim of getting more folks to talk about it and invest with a great awareness of what they are investing into .

Morgan Stephenson of Video by Steps. Morgan is a creative and independent producer providing high quality digital film, video and animated media production to engage business audience. Morgan has worked with the likes of the BBC and has extensive experience in the media industry. Morgan will be sharing his story, his experience in the industry and his insights into the media’s role.

For venue location and accessibility information via the Holiday Inn website: www.hinewcastle.co.uk