9th May 2022 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Ouseburn Farm Charity Ltd, NE1 2PA
How to Build a Sustainable Business @ Ouseburn Farm Charity Ltd, NE1 2PA
Transform your business into a successful, sustainable start-up in this interactive Q&A with sustainability expert David Grayson.

About this event

The case for business sustainability has already been made; organisations can no longer ignore the issue of climate change and customer’s expect them to take action. Discover how your business can tackle the “climate question” and sustainably drive innovation, build brand value and make more profit!

In partnership with NIBE, this interactive Q&A with David Grayson, author of the “Sustainable Business Handbook” shifts the topic from the ‘why’ of business sustainability to the ‘how’. Drawing from his book new book, David will showcase a practical ‘how-to’ guide of sustainable business, which aims to demystify jargon and provide practical tools and tips for busy managers. Rather than preaching the importance of sustainability, David cuts straight to how businesses can become more resilient and successful in the long term by becoming more sustainable.

The Sustainable Business handbook is based around twenty top tips for transforming your business and is interspersed with a range of individual profiles and case studies of organizations successfully embracing sustainability. With guidance on defining your organizational purpose, engaging stakeholders and creating the right culture, The Sustainable Business Handbook outlines how to shift Corporate Responsibility from being a bolt-on to business operations to being a source of innovation and new business, as well as societal good.

You will also get the chance to network with a community of individuals who are passionate about both sustainability and start-up in the North-East and beyond!

The event is being held at the beautiful Ouseburn farm and refreshments will be provided. For more information please contact enquiries@pne.org