On the eve of the North East Initiative on Business Ethics launching its Ethical Toolkit Sam Trotter, who has recently joined Micropore Technologies as the operations manager, tells us why it’s important to him to work for a company that does good business, in every sense.

Micropore Technologies is a highly regulated business that manufactures high quality emulsions for use in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and farming sectors- making life better through innovative particle engineering. Based in Redcar this fast-growing company has offices in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, America, Canada and India.

Caroline Theobald – Director of NIBE

As a young professional, working for a business that takes ethics seriously is very important to me. Especially in the current climate, I place a lot of value in being able to trust my employer and colleagues to all act in a socially responsible way.

Our Ethics Policy means I can be confident in understanding the way the organisation operates and what is expected from myself and others around me. I know that everyone is being treated equally and being held accountable to the same rules. This establishment of shared values also helps to create a sense of unified purpose within the organisation; I feel like part of a team working toward a common goal. This is especially important as a lot of my colleagues work in different locations. Knowing we are all working together and talking during weekly discussions creates an inclusive, friendly atmosphere where I feel I can openly discuss my opinions and ideas with any colleague. As one of the younger staff, knowing that I am respected equally to everyone else has made me more confident sharing ideas.

The company has created a culture where I do not fear failure and mistakes are treated as a learning experience. This tolerance and understanding helps to support a culture of collaboration and teamwork where I am not afraid to take responsibility. This has helped me to grow and take on new
challenges that I would not have been able to do in a different environment.

On a larger scale, knowing that executive decisions and deals are being made according to the same rules gives me confidence that the company is acting for everyone’s best interests.

As my first job, I am fortunate to work at a company that has ethical values that it sticks to. I feel that the commitment to these values has helped to shape my attitudes at work and make me a better employee.

Sam Trotter – Operations Manager, Micropore Technologies Ltd