The world has gone mad, there’s now websites for Ethical Food and Equipment for dogs! One advert about ‘poo bags’ says: ‘In the end, we decided to start with stocking degradable plastic poo bags because most will go into landfill – and methane is a much bigger threat than CO2. The amount of recycled content in them varies at the moment, which is frustrating, so we are looking for alternatives’. You won’t need them if you don’t have a dog! If you do clear up ethically whatever that means! Do you know some ‘ethically’ produced dog food is made with insects instead of meat! How does that work? Poor insects!

Lockdown puppy buying has led (or leads to if need a pun) to all sorts of unethical behaviour e.g. puppy farming. For me it seems unethical to be spending thousands of pounds on a dog! Thousands of dogs are put down each year. Yes I know the joke when the vet says ‘I’m going to have to put your dog down’ ‘Why?’ ‘She’s too heavy!’

Doesn’t it disturb you that dogs get more attention and money spent on them than children starving or in need of injections which could save their lives? Should a dog be a fashion item? Now don’t get me wrong I have had dogs but having witnessed the increase in dog ownership I ask myself why has this happened? Research shows most dogs don’t get walked enough and spend too much time alone. And don’t get me started on dog walkers! If you can’t walk your own dog should you be allowed to have one?

I suppose the boom has helped vets make a fortune! No wonder people breed puppies when you can get up to £4,000 for a cocker spaniel puppy that’s £24.000 if you have 6 to sell! I bet most people don’t declare that! Of course there are good businesses out there but my experience lately is that dog ownership throws up all sorts of ethical questions!

“To buy a dog is morally problematic, because more people are thinking of pets as people … They consider them part of their family, they think of them as their best friend, they wouldn’t sell them for a million pounds.’ states Dr Hal Herzog, a professor of psychology at Western Carolina University.

Well I agree it has become problematic and even unethical.We’ve lost the plot and the poo bags!

Revd. Canon Glyn Evans, Director NIBE