Good ethical practice is fast becoming an integral part of business activity. In the Tees Valley we have experienced these values across our organisations for some time. Trading fairly seems to be an important driver ingrained into our business plans ensuring we are conducting business in an honest, trustworthy and transparent manner.

As the topic is being discussed more openly in the corporate world, our members must ensure they showcase practices that they may consider standard practice. To highlight the topic, and promote the importance of talking about good practice, the Tees Valley Business Club hosted a business ethics event in June this year, featuring multiple organisations who are championing ethics in the region.

The event highlighted how members of the Tees Valley Business Club are making business ethics a priority in their workplace. This adds value to the region by instilling confidence in customers that local products and services are ethically managed. Furthermore, creating an open and honest working environment for employees, increasing employee satisfaction rates in the region and encouraging young talent to remain in the North East upon completion of their higher education.

During the event, Angela Lockwood from North Star Housing emphasised how their organisation’s ethical culture spreads to their supply chain policies and Theresa Carling from the Endeavour Partnership explained how they use their business to support charity, with many partners actively volunteering. It is small steps like these that encourage other businesses, raising awareness of the importance of adopting high ethical standards.

Since the event, we have been pleased to hear that members have decided to support the great work of the team at the North East Initiative on Business Ethics to encourage the growth of an ethical network within the region and commit to a kinder way of trading.

We will be reinforcing the message of ethical business practice at our virtual event on November 26, where we will be joined by Hays Travel, an independent travel agent who managed to save thousands of jobs when they rescued Thomas Cook late last year. Further details are available on our website

Jane Reynolds MBE, Chair, Tees Valley Business Club and director NIBE