What actions are you prepared to take to make people sit up and listen to
ethical injustice? My father was Welsh and hence my name Glyn Evans. Shame about losing 4-0 to Denmark but of course everyone feels sorry for Denmark because of what happened to their player Christian Erikson. I wish everyone would get more upset about people dying in Yemen or unethical behaviour. Why was it so shocking seeing a footballer nearly die? I think because we saw it happening and we can’t dehumanise someone we can actually see being hurt.

Who do you dehumanise? A German? Or someone Welsh? A factory worker in Pakistan? We all do it but I think sometimes we need shocking out of it. But how do we get shocked out of it?

For example should we encourage people to burn down holiday cottages .Is it ethical? When I was growing up there was a movement in Wales who set fire to holiday homes. I hear many people complaining about sale of homes to holiday makers in Cornwall and Northumberland by locals. It makes me laugh as the locals are the ones who cashed in on their homes rather than sell them to a local!!

Meibion Glyndŵr in English Sons of Glyndŵr was a Welsh nationalist movement violently opposed to the loss of Welsh culture and language. They were formed in response to the housing crisis precipitated by large numbers of houses being bought by wealthy English people for use as holiday homes, pushing up house prices
beyond the means of many locals. They were responsible for setting fire to
English-owned holiday homes in Wales from 1979 to the mid-1990s. It peaked in the late 1980s with the targeting of Conservative MPs’ homes, most notably David Hunt, the then Welsh secretary, who was targeted in 1990. A reinvestigation into postal bombings led to the conviction of Sion Aubrey Roberts in 1993. A Plaid Cymru member of parliament,  Elfyn Llwyd, speculated that the group was an MI5 front!!

What action are you willing to take to ensure people act ethically? What needs to be done to wake people up to injustice of people and companies? What would you condone? Is setting fire to a holiday home a good way?

If you have tried to book a staycation I bet you’ve found prices through the
roof! The economy in Northumberland increasingly depends on holiday homes and associated business. Should we burn a few down? Or is that a step too far? Perhaps we should ask the young people who can’t afford them whether it is?