Are you greedy? Well I love this story. Back in the 1800’s there was once a 350lb wrestler in Europe named “Yusuf, the terrible Turk.” Three hundred and fifty pounds is a fairly huge man, and there wasn’t an ounce of flab on the man. He was formidable. And in his four years in Europe, he was impossible to beat, holding the undisputed title as champion there.

Then in 1898, he sailed to America and challenged the undefeated US champion to a match – a man named “Strangler” Lewis. Now, “Strangler” was apparently about my size, weighing in at just a little over 200 pounds. But despite his rather small size, he was the heavyweight wrestling champion in America, having defeated many men much larger than himself.

Strangler secret was a very simple hold. He would get around behind his opponent, put his massive arm around their neck and cut off their oxygen. Thus the name “strangler”. When his opponents passed out he’d “pin” them and win the match. 

But when Strangler met Yusuf, he faced a problem – Yusuf didn’t have a neck. One commentator noted that Yusuf’s body went from his head to his massive shoulders, with very little in between. Thus, Strangler Lewis couldn’t get his hold and it wasn’t long that the Yusuf flipped Lewis to the mat and pinned him. 

After winning the championship, the Terrible Turk demanded all $5000 (a fairly significant amount of money back in 1898) be paid to him in gold. He wrapped the championship belt around his waist, stuffed his gold into the belt and boarded the next ship back to Europe. But halfway across the Atlantic, a storm struck and the ship began to sink. When Yusuf attempted to get into a lifeboat, he fell into the water and disappeared beneath the waves never to be seen again. All his great wealth was too much even for this mighty man. He sank like an anvil, and his great riches destroyed him.

I am sure we all get a bit greedy sometimes. Our ethical choices are driven by greed. We have to be careful our greedy ethical choices don’t sink us.

Join us at NIBE making sure we all don’t end up like Yusuf the terrible Turk at the bottom of the ocean brown bread!

My joke of the week: My friend can’t stop eating chips which makes them a liability at the casino!

Glyn Evans – Director NIBE